Acceptance, a Crucial Step in any Victory Dance – Amy Jordan

Acceptance, a Crucial Step in any Victory Dance

Out of the darkness of muddy and murky water, blooms the gorgeous lotus flower. To me, this proves that to emerge beautifully from any adverse instance, we must accept our present circumstances.

The accident I experienced, which left my leg broken in so many pieces, it seemed unlikely that the pieces could be put back together again. This situation I found myself in was undeniably hard to accept. For me, the definition of acceptance is the ability to look at a situation for what it is, no matter how terrible.

Accepting what is and moving forward to make the best of a situation is a choice. I had to decide that I was going to choose to always move forward. The situation may not change, but how I react to it, can make a huge difference.

Life, by design, is beautifully unpredictable. The ability to accept whatever life sends your way is for me, the only way to live. Different for everyone is the time it takes to accept an ever-changing reality. For me, it took a bit of time. I did not want to accept my new reality, instead, I wanted my dancer’s body to continue as my reality.

Although life-altering and immensely difficult to endure, the lessons I learned from my experience have been a blessing. “No one said it would be easy, and things will only “be all right” if you remain determined that they will be.” My victory dance is seeded in my determination to take control of my health and destiny.

As I began to accept my new body and new life. I did what I consider an emotional and physical cleaning in the following ways:
• I accepted my diabetes without shame
• I became more confident in myself
• I stopped apologizing for having my own goals
• I was honest with my emotions, even when I felt down and frustrated
• I stopped caring what others thought of me
• I accepted that my future was different and glorious, all at the same time

Acceptance has been and continues to be messy for me. They say that growth happens when you are uncomfortable, and this has been very true for me. Though acceptance has been unbelievably challenging, I continue to have much to be grateful for and marvel at the magic happening around me.

“Keep moving. Like choreography, the steps sort themselves out, and with acceptance comes a sense of peace and the ability to move through anything.”-Amy Jordan

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