Create Your Victory Dance – Amy Jordan

Create Your Victory Dance!

Dance Workshop Masterclass

  • 2-hour masterclass
  • Strengthen your technique
  • Embed your artistry
  • Discover your mission

Master Class Plus Book Signing and Coaching

  • 2-hour dance masterclass
  • Private book reading/coaching with Amy Jordan
  • Finding your purpose

Masterclass Plus Movie Screening

  • 2-hour master dance class
  • Private screening of "Amys Victory Dance"
  • Private Q&A with Amy

Why Amy Jordan & The Victory Dance Project?

Amy is on a mission to inspire the world to ‘Dance Because You Can.’  The Victory Dance Workshops invite students to grow technically, musically, emotionally, and spiritually.

It is our commitment to support young artists to grow technically and artistically. Finding a sense of mission within the work allows young people a higher artistic purpose.

Corporate team building, studio, universities, and guest choreography are also available.

Get started, fill out the form and Lets Dance!

Dance Workshop

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“Amy Jordan imparts humor, life experience and wisdom in a no-nonsense manner.  Her 5 step system gives audience members and participants practical tools to take home after the excitement and energy of the event has passed."

- Lauren: event attendee

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