Dance Because You Can Introductory Webinar – Amy Jordan

Dance Because You Can

A 20-Minute Introductory Workshop Webinar

By Amy Jordan

“If you want to take your life to the next level and move through what you think is stopping you Amy Jordan can help you do that.”

- Jack Canfield
New York Times Best Selling Author
'Chicken Soup for the Soul' & 'The Success Principles'


April 30, 2019
9:30am Pacific | 12:30pm Eastern

Ever felt pinned down by life?
Do you have seemingly impassible and impossible challenges?

Are you tired or searching for purpose? Are you asking yourself Why Me? Why This?

Great.  I have done all of this!

On May 1, 2009, I was run over and pinned under a 15 ton New York City Bus. My first thought was I am never going to dance again, it's over. My second thought was if I survive, there will be a victory dance! After several surgeries and thousands of hours of rehabilitation I say, Dance Because You Can!

Join me for my FREE introductory webinar based on my new book 'Dance Because You Can.'

Amy Jordan

What you will get from this funny and engaging webinar?

We will discuss how utilizing the 5 steps of D.A.N.C.E. can support getting through pretty much anything in life.
  • A roadmap to get through your challenges with joy.

  • A community to share your ideas and goals

  • A compassionate and guiding voice who understands where you are, no judgements or pressure.


Who wil benefit the most from this webinar?

  • Anyone managing a life trauma.

  • Anyone living with chronic condition.

  • Anyone battling difficult relationships.

  • Anyone who is ready to transform trauma into triumph.

Dance Because You Can


HAVE YOU EVER HAD one of those moments when you think, “How could things get any worse?”

Maybe something happened and you instantly knew life would never be the same. From a divorce to a financial crisis to a health challenge to some unforeseen traumatic event, there is no shortage of things that could go wrong in this life.


Chita Rivera

2 Time Tony Award WinnerRecipient Kennedy Center Honor & Presidential Medal of Freedom

“Amy is the most inspiring person I have ever met.”


Leeza Gibbons

Emmy Award Winning TV & Radio Host

“Dance Because You Can. I love that message. I love what you do. Thank you for inspiring the world.”

Amazon review

A Spirited Guilde to Surviving & Thriving.

“With humor, insight, and crisp storytelling, Amy Jordan shares her epic journey from disaster to a rich creative life and career. Everyone can benefit from the lessons Amy learned from her roller-coaster of painful and miraculous chapters after a near fatal accident. Amy reveals how "dancing" means finding and re-finding joy through constant trial and error and connecting with like-minded friends and colleagues.”



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