Did you know that you can keep focused and simply lose the stress at the same time? – Amy Jordan

Did you know that you can keep focused and simply lose the stress at the same time?

 It’s called Relaxed Intensity.

It’s that time of year. Another holiday season has passed, and we get into ‘go mode.’  Even with the current pandemic surge life continues albeit in a somewhat different form.

The New Year resolutions are already starting to dwindle as daily life kicks in. 

The question then is has our focus, energy or attitude shifted?  We all know the familiar saying:” the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.”

If the past two years have shown us anything it’s that we have the capacity and courage to adapt.  In my book, Dance Because You Can’ I share that ‘we may not like it but accepting the reality clears the way to apply forward motion.

For this year of 2022, the theme is ‘Relaxed Intensity.’  Now you may be saying how is that possible?  Can you be relaxed and intense at the same time?  The answer is yes.  Intense, in this scenario, is a good thing.  We could use any number of descriptive words: focused, determined, engaged etc. 

Let’s test out the scenario.

What happens if we keep focused on our daily demands and bigger goals but simply drop the stress?  That’s right, simply drop the stress.  We’ve talked a lot here about not reacting to all the crazy in our external environment.  How amazing would it be if, every morning, we chose to take on the day and simply not be stressed?

The focus on what we need to do will remain steady and obstacles will continue to arise because that’s just how life goes.  Take on each day and each interaction with a simple sense of excitement and purpose.

For myself, I am challenging huge work and personal goals.  Past thoughts and concerns around these issues had me frustrated, working in panic mode, and honestly not trusting the process and everything that may or may not happen.

 The demands of the external stuff remain constant.  I still must pitch press, book speaking, coaching, and dance-based workshops and manage the day-to-day tasks of life with type one diabetes.  As the stress and panic are consciously lessening what is clear is the battle of the belief that I can succeed.

Who can relate?  Let’s be honest.  All that negativity and worry and stress are great distractions from the truth.  If we are in a challenging work environment, how can we better respond?  Is it worth getting worked up over, whatever ‘it’ is?

How can we focus that energy on problem-solving or patience with co-workers who too are affected by the state of the world? 

Imagine if we can maintain the focus and intensity towards moving forward without the stress.  It takes some effort in the beginning.  What you may find is you are excited to get up in the morning, ready to take on everything the day has to offer. 

I pose this question: what value are the angst and panic creating?  Do things get done regardless?  Does the moment pass, and in an hour or two, or a day, we feel better?

Do we really have faith in ourselves and others or are we needing to control situations for our own selfish benefit?

Some of us may be so conditioned to live in stress and drama and chaos that when we drop those habits, we feel empty or misguided.  This has happened to me.  It’s a bit like now what do I do?  I feel so free and guess what,  it’s unfamiliar and at times uncomfortable.

That’s O.K.  Like a blank canvas we can create a beautiful new mosaic or work of our own art.  The strange and uncomfortable feeling of being without the drama and stress will emerge as joy and a sense of peace no matter what is going on around us.

My daily challenge to myself and you is to try this out.  Keep the focus, intensity and action relaxed and simply discard the stress. Maybe we need to literally talk to that voice saying: “No thank you. This no longer serves.”

Here’s the deal.  If it doesn’t work after a couple of weeks, we can always go back to the old way, but we won’t know what’s possible if we don’t try. Who knows, you may start skipping around the house just because.

You are WINNING!

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