Do you know that how we end is usually how we begin? – Amy Jordan

Do you know that how we end is usually how we begin?

I’ve heard this time and time again and it makes a lot of sense. It seems even more relevant as 2021 is drawing to its close.

For those of us overachievers, it’s a moment to pause and reflect on all that has been accomplished. It’s also a great time to remember that we can roll over those goals that are still in process. 

Timing is everything!  It’s important to self-reflect without judgment.  This is often challenging.  Whether or not we have achieved all that we intended this year, what’s most important is that we are still moving ahead.  Life happens.  Life will continue to happen.  Some things will work out seamlessly, some won’t. For many of us, the end of the year brings a certain time intensified sense of panic.

Can you relate?

As a recovering trauma survivor at times still managing PTSD, this is due in part to fear. Living in a state of not knowing whether I would be alive from day to day puts a sense of urgency into life.

The truth is that yes, January 1 is a very significant day.  Yes, it marks the start of a new calendar year.  Yes, it closes out the previous year. This is all true.

However, keep in mind, January second is also an important day as well as January third and fourth, and fifth. Every day is a fresh opportunity to begin again, to create value, and take mindful action towards our dreams and goals.

With this perspective, I try to just pace myself through the final weeks of 2021.  We know by now that big resolutions don’t usually hold up. It may seem exciting in the short term, but do we stay focused and enthusiastic? 

For over 20 years I worked in commercial fitness.  Every January there would be a huge uptake in participation in the gym.  My fitness classes were packed.  After two weeks the numbers had dwindled and by February it was business as usual.  The excitement of the resolution had passed.

It’s a great moment to reframe.  As we reflect on this year let’s give ourselves credit for what was accomplished. If there are still goals outstanding the good news is we get to keep going.  It’s a new year but, in a scaled-back sense, it’s just another week.  One day rolls into the next. 

Events only have as much power as we give them.  The holidays can be tough for everyone.  As a lifelong single person, it’s always amplified this time of year.  Then I remember, today is Wednesday, tomorrow is still Thursday etc. 

It’s important to set long-term goals and this is a great time of the year to do just that.  The focus remains on the simple daily actions that make those goals happen.  That’s a daily event.  This can apply to anything.   If we want to manifest more money, are we looking for a better job or charging what we deserve for our services?  If we want a healthy relationship are we in communities with like-minded people where we are more likely to meet someone?  If we want better health, are we making food & fitness choices to support this goal?

These actions are important to consider every day, not just New Year’s Day.  It’s time to give yourself a round of applause for all you HAVE done this year and know there’s still an opportunity beyond January 1.

Let’s consider that every day is New Year’s Day.   What a wonderful opportunity to keep moving ahead. 

You Are Winning!

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  1. Such beautiful encouragements, Amy. It couldn’t have been said better for such a time as this. Your words speak of with a true breath hopefulness, that it inspires. Do your thang, Diva. Hopefully, I will learn to be as daring as you!!!!

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