How much time and energy are you giving to your self-doubt? Are you on the edge of imposter syndrome? – Amy Jordan

How much time and energy are you giving to your self-doubt? Are you on the edge of imposter syndrome?

Imposter syndrome, we’ve all heard the term. It’s become one of those ‘wellness, self-help’ terms.  It seems everyone has experienced it at some point or another. The question then remains when we are doubting ourselves and our ability or feeling like we’ll never succeed how do we keep going?

It’s so easy to get stuck in the slump. It’s a vicious cycle especially when we aren’t seeing the results we want when we want them.  Our mindset and life condition get weak. We start feeling the ‘I’m not enough’ or’ I’m a fraud, narrative.  With the over-saturation of information and so much flying at us on social media, it’s easy to feel like we’re never doing enough.

This is a huge obstacle for me. Whatever the label it all comes down to it’s simply the battle against self-doubt.  So much is related to ideas we have developed over the years.  The questing then becomes does this thinking apply today or to this situation?

For me, it’s important to remember the answer is NO.  Mastering our minds is easier said than done, but it Is possible.   Doubt is just a part of life.  How much energy and attention we give the doubt is up to us.

What has been most beneficial is staying focused on the purpose of my work and what is the desired result.  This often redirects the angst into action.  As we have frequently discussed, action is everything. No matter how much doubt I may be feeling, if I can just put it in a box, I visualize putting the doubt in a box and shutting the lid tight.

The result is a sense of relief that things are again moving. The doubt may still be there but its hold on me is diminished. It’s important to note that with every victory often arises a new hurdle.  This is proving true with the recent release of my award-winning feature film ‘Amy’s Victory Dance.’ 

Now that the film is out, we have a huge list of goals to reach including reviews, shares, and media opportunities.  At times it seems overwhelming or downright ‘impossible.’  As Susie Moore, my coach and business mentor reminds me, what a privilege it is to feel ‘overwhelmed.  At the end of the day, this means things are moving. 

The doubt about my ability or achievement, and the sense of lack rather than abundance are simply old thinking habits that no longer serve.  The job now is replacing it with a sense of joy, wonder, and trust. If you’re like me and impatient then this is an important life lesson.

Some months back I caught an Instagram live questing of former Oprah Winfrey producer Sheri Salata.  A woman had asked how to get out of a ‘slump.’  She simply responded, why waste time in a slump? So, when the doubt comes in, as it inevitably will, take a breath and acknowledge it and say, “no thank you.” We have enough pain and suffering happening in our world. We don’t need to inflict any more on ourselves.

Stay connected to your mission. Be willing to be uncomfortable. This means you are doing everything RIGHT. Let yourself relish in the victories.  It feels a heck of a lot better than wallowing in the misery.

Never underestimate the power of your life.  You are WINNING!

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