Living with Diabetes and What Your Employer Can Do to Help You? – Amy Jordan

Living with Diabetes and What Your Employer Can Do to Help You?

Did you know that November was  National Diabetes Month? It’s a good time to learn how your employer can help you be successful at work. 

First, take some time to review your health and wellness benefits. Do your benefits help you stay healthy and productive? If your work benefits do not meet your needs, you might ask your benefits manager to consider chronic-condition management solutions, that are updated for the digital age.

Three ways your employer benefits can assist you in being healthy and productive:

  • Benefits include health advisor counselingRequest counseling services that provide education around healthy living, diabetes-specific diet recommendations, and exercise programs. 
  • Does your employer provide a workspace that allows you to monitor your blood sugar and administer insulin injections?
  • Do your benefit management solutions include digital tools that help monitor your blood sugar within an appropriate range? 

The nonprofit Northeast Business Group on Health (NEBGH) has created Digital Tools and Solutions for Diabetes: An Employer’s Guide. A tool for employers interested in helping employees prevent and manage diabetes.

Digital tools that manage diabetes, allow employees to do the following:

  1. Schedule medication reminder
  2. Easily monitor blood sugar, exercise, and weight
  3. An online forum, where users can provide and receive support 
  4. An online tool that tracks your carbohydrates
  5. A digital tool that monitors and adjusts insulin doses
  6. Digital records that are easily shared with health care professionals

With open communication, you and your benefits manager can create robust health and well-being management solutions. A solution that allows you to successfully manage your diabetes while you are at work.

Although there is no cure for diabetes, the disease can be managed successfully. To learn more about living life well with diabetes, read 26 Tips for Easier Living with Diabetes by Amy Jordan.

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