On the edge of a great breakthrough, but can’t trust the process to get there? – Amy Jordan

On the edge of a great breakthrough, but can’t trust the process to get there?

Trust the process.  We hear it ALL the time.  Breath and trust, breath, and trust.  This is often easier said than done.

For us overachievers, patience and trust are not innate traits.  This coupled with our instant gratification, social media society can be a recipe for emotional anxiety and heartache. 

If you are also a trauma survivor, it takes effort and consistent action to feel safe and even deserving of goodness and success.

Being on the cusp of a breakthrough can be more unsettling than exciting.  This has been a recurring theme recently.  As the 13th anniversary of my bus accident soon approaches everything about life is new and different.  Truth be told amazing things are happening after years of tireless work and dedication to creating a new life.  So why the anxiety?

Let’s face it, we are not taught to believe things will work out.  Doesn’t it often seem like only great things happen to other people or is this just our lack of belief that we CAN have the life we always wanted? 

At the core of my recent angst is my familiar go-to of anxiety.  Truth be told it’s a comfortable place.  How many of us have chosen something familiar and uncomfortable than really jumping in for what we want and have worked hard to create?  Staying in what we know is safe even if it’s unhealthy or not where we want to be.

Having the perspective to see the tendency for what it is we can step back and say “Hey, I deserve all the goodness happening.  Yes, I can let go of what hasn’t worked and start to enjoy the benefits of so much consistent action and focus.

Success doesn’t just happen. It takes discipline and determination.

We must be willing to make mistakes, forgive ourselves and keep moving and trying new ways of doing things. I know this from years of SGI Buddhist practice.  What effects we are getting in life now are just results of what causes we have been making.

 It seems simple right? Not so fast.

For those of us battling a dark belief, we must suffer or stay small when life starts working it often feels like WTF.   This is exactly the moment we can transform our mindset and say YES, of course, I am WINNING.  Try that on for a moment.  How does it feel?

We all know patience I shot my virtue.  This is due in part to spending years unsure if I would live through the night. Facing life and death obstacles taught me that I better get things done NOW because there wouldn’t be another chance. Reframing this belief takes ongoing awareness.

When I got the news my movie ‘Amy’s Victory Dance’ would indeed be released on major platforms my reaction was not exactly what I expected.  I did not give myself a moment to say congrats, how amazing.   Rather than trust the process and the mission of the message I went into freak-out mode.  The good news is I realized it quickly.

The timing for the film’s release is perfect.  The world is in chaos and the movie has always been intended to be a source of hope and possibility.  My goal has always been to exemplify that we are never a victim of our circumstances and value can be created from even the most devastating situations.

Staying focused on the mission of the film has, in part, been what’s gotten us this far. It has also been five years of intensive work on the part of a team of dedicated artists and producers who stayed focused on the goal and keep taking consistent action. After all, action creates results.

The goal now is to enjoy the ride and trust the process. Instead of living in angst and fear it’s time to trust that we have gotten this far and that both the consistent work and sincere mission of the movement will blossom into the perfect flower at the exact right moment.

So, if you’re like me and on the cusp of a dream blossoming into your reality let’s all drink in the goodness.  The fight or flight way of life served its purpose, but we simply don’t need it anymore. Say thank you and goodbye.  Stay focused and humble and enjoy the ride, knowing in our beings everything Is happening as it should.

You deserve it. You are winning!

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