Resilience and Determination – the Two-Step Dance Step for Your Very Own Personal and Relevant Victory Dance!

There are lots of metaphors that have been passed down through the ages that quote antidotes that help people get through the ups and downs, obstacles, and crises of life. In my book, Dance Because You Can I relate life’s crisis’ and the strength to get through them with a new metaphor – a dance which I call the “Victory Dance!”

Like in life, when what’s headed your way is a mystery and in order to have the strength to endure and navigate to the other side of crises, so is a dance that you have never learned or danced before. This life victory dance starts with the first step of determination.  Taking the next best step in life is what determines your outcome.

Often, people try to give and offer to advice that either resonates with you or doesn’t. Within your victory dance, take control and heed your intuition as only you know what the next best step for you is. Challenge the ordinary or easy, if it doesn’t feel right and in alignment with what you need, be determined to find your path and a solution that might be outside the box.

“Whenever we experience some kind of trauma or tragedy, there seems to be no shortage of people telling us which way is the “right” choice. You can choose to listen to the wisdom and advice of others, but when it comes down to it, don’t be afraid to blaze your own path.” -Amy Jordan

Resilience and determination to walk forward in life, taking whatever the next best step is for you. No matter what the obstacle or how formidable the situation may seem, walk forward and take the challenge head-on for your very own personal and relevant victory dance.

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