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Have you ever felt pinned down by life? Are you facing life challenges that seem impossible or impassible?

Guess What? So did I!

My name is Amy Jordan. I first want to say congratulations and welcome!

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The fact that you are seeking solutions means you are moving forward. I can definitely relate.

Over my lifetime I have had to and continue to manage seeming impossible obstacles. I live with a difficult to manage chronic condition. I have experienced trauma that nearly took my life and limb (literally). I struggle being single in my late 40’s.

Yes, sometimes it seems like just too much. BUT, through pure trial and error and NEVER GIVING UP I unknowingly found a system that still allows me to move through my life, challenges and all, and be happy and content.

I call it transforming trauma into triumph.

It isn’t a quick or easy fix but It works.

I’m also a dancer, author and love anything fitness. I laugh a lot and try not to take myself too seriously. If I have learned anything it’s that

Everything Works Out for the BEST.

I am excited you have landed here at Amy Jordan Speaks. Want to know more or try out the system?

Let’s go!

How I Can Help You.

I Speak. ​

Does your sales force need a boost?

Are you facing personal or professional obstacles or adversity that seem to have no resolve?

Guess what?  Me too! I can honestly say I have made it through to the other side and am equally confident in saying SO CAN YOU & YOUR WORKFORCE.

Online Coaching.

Transform Trauma into Triumph

A 6-Week webinar to walk through the 5 Steps of D.A.N.C.E.

Making the Impossible Possible

A 90 day health and wellness investigation. 

Take a journey to reframe old habits and create new ones.

Personal Coaching.

Are you feeling or have you ever felt pinned down by life?

Me too.

Do you feel stuck?

Are you or your company struggling at work?

Are you facing relationship or health obstacles?

Dance Because You Can


HAVE YOU EVER HAD one of those moments when you think, “How could things get any worse?”

Maybe something happened and you instantly knew life would never be the same. From a divorce to a financial crisis to a health challenge to some unforeseen traumatic event, there is no shortage of things that could go wrong in this life.

“I saw Amy Jordan speak.  You want her on your stage.  She moved hundred of people.  It was amazing.

- Kevin
Author and Motivational Speaker

Join the troupe and get a sneak peek of my new book Dance Because You Can.

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