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Making the Impossible Possible with the Power of Movement

Dance Based Master Casses/ Workshops

Do you teach dance or run a dance program at a school? With a master class, you can feel the joy of The Victory Dance Project. My goal is for all of my dance students to be inspired, challenged, and fired up about dance. Classes are meant for pre-professional level dancers. We will look at work that is technical, musical, and personal.

Guest Artist choreography

As a choreographer, I want to create an experience that moves people deeply, emotionally, and intellectually. Together, we will create choreography that pushes your students to develop as dancers and people. Any composition may be set from a bit of solo to a lengthy performance of modern ballet. You may find everything from classical to rap here.


Group Fitness classes & Private Training

Fitness is vital to a healthy lifestyle.  My own rehabilitation has allowed me to explore new ways to stay fit despite my many health challenges.  I teach total body conditioning classes, small group training, and private sessions, especially for those overcoming injury.

I am a NASM-certified personal trainer with over 25 years of experience teaching and training in some of the best fitness facilities in the country.  These include The YMCA, City of Santa Monica, CRUNCH Fitness, New York Sports clubs, Clay private training NYC.

If you love exercising but have a disability, chronic pain, or injury, try these fun alternative workouts.

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