Weird is how I would describe it and at the same time, I am curious, amazed, and so inspired by humanity right now. – Amy Jordan

Weird is how I would describe it and at the same time, I am curious, amazed, and so inspired by humanity right now.

My entire life has been about overcoming serious life and death trauma. As I sit reflecting on this, I am realizing that maybe all my experiences have prepared me for this very moment. Right now, more than ever, I accept that I have control over only one thing, my reactions, and my responses.

The second step in my book: ’Dance Because You Can’ outlines 5 Steps to Transform Trauma into Triumph by focusing on acceptance. Acceptance has nothing to do with liking a situation and everything to do with responding to what is happening, in concrete ways that have everything to do with reality. Only by responding and reacting to what is real, can you move forward.

How does all of this apply to Covid19?

I like to keep things real. And the world is really scary and very uncomfortable right now. But it’s also a brilliant time to master our minds. How, might you ask?

First, there is value in structure. Every morning I take the time to schedule my day in one-hour increments. 

This may include an hour of reading, an hour to create by coloring, dancing, singing, or drawing.

I also schedule a time to support others. I ask myself who can I CALL. Who can I connect with face to face via technology? Who can I support who may be freaked out? If there is anything good coming from Covid 19 it’s the stark reminder that we are ALL human and ALL equal.  

Like all of you, I am trying to wrap my head around all of this and at the same time, trying to stay sane. I take care of my peace of mind by staying away from the news and anything else that will be upsetting. We already know it’s bad. The social distancing of 6FT has become normal and we are constantly reminded to wash our hands and except for Governor Andrew Cuomo, the amazing health care workers, and other state officials around the country; leadership is at a standstill. Instead of continuing to bang our heads against the wall expecting the bruise to go away, I have chosen to turn my attention towards what I CAN do.

I CAN practice gratitude. I CAN smile at anyone I see in person or virtually. I CAN maintain a home workout regimen. I CAN meal plan and keep my food clean. I CAN be mindful of what I post on social media and I CAN decide not to give angry responses attention. I CAN work towards the unity of humanity instead of giving energy towards what divides us.

Having faced my own mortality more than once, I know that the state of my life is my choice. Whatever action I take today determines the outcome of my tomorrow.

Acceptance is key!

For now, and this will pass, our realities have changed. How many people can I thank today? How can I be part of the solution? How can I spread hope and possibilities despite the unfathomable circumstances?

Please share your answers to these questions. I want to know how are you coping? I’d like to know what you are doing to get through this moment in time.

Let’s re-write history together. The result is ultimately up to us. 

Be well, stay safe!

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