What the hell. Just go for it! – Amy Jordan

What the hell. Just go for it!

And now there is Clubhouse; an invite only audio social platform available solely for apple IOS. My first reaction was oh no, I am going to have to learn and use another social media platform.  

I realize that marketing on social media is a lucrative business, but I often find the entire concept overwhelming and frustrating. Why are followers so important? Do people even read anything of value or do pictures of nonsense get millions of views? 

Like so many, I have a love/hate relationship with social media.I was invited to join by a colleague who called me last week and said, ‘You need to check out clubhouse. It’s legit.’ So, I clicked into my Clubhouse app and tried to figure out what everyone is talking about. 

Once the app was installed, I found myself in a social media marketing room with over 1,000 followers. The room was being moderated by a former ABC reality show Bachelorette and many other reality TV as guest speakers. The topic of discussion was how to get millions of social media followers and views.  

I work hard on not wasting my precious time scrolling Facebook or so I kept ‘Tuned in’ as I did some cardio on my stationary bike. I put my angst and irritation aside and became interested in learning how these people get paid and hired for their social influence. I may or may not agree and that doesn’t matter, the real question is, how and when?

One of the speakers had been hired by actor/director Adam Sandler to work on a couple of movie projects. He shared the story, but he also shared that he started with just one follower and has built a dynasty on social media.

Listening to these influencers got me thinking about my inner approach to success. I am not an optimist, my tendency is towards overwhelm and frustration and feeling like ‘why bother, ‘I’m not going to get there anyway. Then I had a strange and random thought. Instead of saying ‘to hell with it’ and shutting down, why don’t I say, ‘To hell with it’ and go for it? What do I have to lose? I can film silly videos and get creative with my content. If I am at a fork in my work-life road, why don’t I just go in all the way?  

It’s so easy to compare and despair. It’s so easy to make excuses for why things are not working rather than going all-in towards creating success and overcoming any obstacles. In my coaching and speaking work to inspire others, I share how I overcame life and death hardships. It was a weird ‘Ah Ha’ moment, the lightbulb went off for me.  

I started to ponder other areas of my life where I am struggling. Am I putting myself out there to start dating and manifest real love in my ife? Am I calling and asking for support to get my movie into distribution? Am I pitching daily to help support my work and progessional mission? Am I actively seeking teaching and speaking projects etc.? You get the idea.

If there is anything I know, and it’s been said a hundred times before success leaves clues. It also takes focus and intention. Despite what the movie ‘The Secret’ may have misled us to believe, checks will not just show up in the mail if we summon them.

What I DO know about cause and effect is that if I take action there will be results. If the results aren’t what I want or need then I need to change the action. Remove all emotion and it becomes pretty simple.

It still seems daunting but rather than deciding I’m not going to be victorious I am trying something new. Just do the work, create the best product and service, put myself out there to meet someone who will love me back, take care of my body, and stay OUT OF THE RESULTS.  

For this moment let’s just see what happens. It’s better than being beaten down by depression and anxiety. 

Does anyone else suffer from analysis paralysis? For us overthinkers, going forward is a victory in itself so congratulations on all you ARE doing. Let’s just make up our minds and do this together, join me on Clubhouse or IG Amyjordanspeaks.

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