Who is tired of being controlled by the insanity of things in our world we can’t control and the constant gaslighting causing fear and uncertainty? – Amy Jordan

Who is tired of being controlled by the insanity of things in our world we can’t control and the constant gaslighting causing fear and uncertainty?

Who else is uncomfortable not knowing how things will play out? Who else has the tendency to ‘play it safe’ because it is the norm and easier to avoid any discomfort?

One thing is for sure. You are not alone!

As we embark on a new year (or as I have previously mentioned another Saturday) let’s take stock of how we are feeling.

There is absolute insanity coming at us all the time from every direction. It’s nearly impossible to turn it off and even harder to decipher fact from overblown opinion.  We are ALL affected by our environment.

For many of us, fear has led the way. We perceived a new moment or fresh departure with uncertainty and, well, angst. These tendencies can be due to any number of reasons but the question to ask yourself as 2022 rises is how are you feeling about it? What is your plan to step out of your comfort zone and find peace and happiness?

With so much uncertainty and hysteria all around us, I understand hope may be a stretch. BUT, in the guise of simple daily tasks, we can reframe our fear and doubt about what’s coming in this new year. 

I was speaking recently with a good friend who has been struggling amidst all the chaos. At the end of our chat, I said look, what happens if we get excited about what’s coming? What if we learn to reinvent ourselves and seek out new opportunities and a new community? He agreed.

The amazing thing about being crushed by a New York City bus and transforming trauma into triumph is the accident and recovery have prepared me for this global trauma we are experiencing. As a former dancer, I knew I would never dance at capacity again. I did experience (and sometimes still do) all the emotions of loss, anger, resentment, etc. At the end of the day, I took the opportunity to create a new path. Since I physically could no longer do what I once did there was no point in dwelling on what had passed. The question became: what can I create right now?

As the pandemic, economic, and humanitarian issues rage on what we do have is CHOICE. No, many of us, especially the artists, can’t continue in the same capacity we have in the past. What we CAN do is get creative. We can find new ways of working, create new modes of manifesting income, stay focused on what goals we can accomplish rather than the daily dose of crazy that is coming at us all the time.

What do our conversations look like? Do we spend time complaining and spinning the insanity? Well, I say just stop. Yes, it’s that simple.

It’s so easy to get stuck in familiar mental and emotional cycles. I know for myself, I don’t even realize when it’s happening. It’s just a very bad habit.  If there’s anything the past 20 months has shown us is the importance of our perception.

Yes, it’s been challenging. The isolation is challenging, and the constant badgering of opinions is maddening. For this reason, with a new year at our fingertips, we can again choose to be excited. We can believe we can create what we want in life and put a plan in action to make it happen.

As the conversation with my friend progressed, we got off the topic of everything wrong and I simply asked, what can you do to create community? What work re-invention will you find energizing and exciting? We have the power within ourselves to be excited and open new doors if we don’t let all the outside narratives hijack our belief in our own ability.  Now more than ever we must overcome our own doubt and fear. We can CHANGE the narrative by succeeding.

If you’re like me, you don’t wake up perky and excited about the day. My question to myself and you are: why not? My brilliant business coach Susie Moore brings up this point frequently and it’s worth sharing. When I open my eyes and I feel panic or sadness or depression or any array of familiar programming I now shift and think: ‘What am I excited about?’  How can I enjoy this moment? How can I be excited about my day?

With great amazement, the angst slips away and is replaced with a smile.

This does not mean there is an absence of obstacles, emotional hurdles, or deadlines. What it does mean is I remind myself I can choose to be excited and not give the negativity such a damn loud voice.

As we say goodbye to 2021 and embark on a new year let’s decide to use our power and think for ourselves. The world may remain crazy. We can only manage our immediate environment.

I am deeply grateful to you all my dear friends. Let’s breeze into 2022 like yeah, I got this and it’s going to be awesome beyond our imagination.

Who knows, it might happen.

You are WINNING!

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