You Are Winning – Week 1 – Amy Jordan


Week One of my Free 3-week course!


Week One.

Welcome back!

I hope you had the most amazing week EVER!!!!!!

I am curious how you responded to the question ‘What do you really want?

Did you daydream a bit (I love doing that) Did you get a giddy feeling? Did you feel you not sure?

Remember, there is no right or wrong answer.

I do recommend writing down 3 ideas that came to mind. It’s important to not judge.

I know I often feel like I am ‘supposed’ to want certain things or maybe what I want seems ‘crazy.’

Well not here. The sky is the limit. If there is anything I have learned after facing my mortality is it is not only OK to want more but it is totally POSSIBLE.

SO, on that note, here is another thing to think about this week.

What is the first thing that comes to mind in response to the question ‘What do I really Want?’ I mean the very FIRST thing that comes to mind before we start ‘shoulding’ ourselves away. (I should want this or I should want that)

Write it down, draw a picture, put it on a post-it note and post It on your bathroom mirror. Whatever form works best for you.

Now, what one action can you take this week towards this idea?

Is it a google search? Is it a phone call? Is it taking a new dance or fitness class? Is it looking not painting lessons or taking 15 minutes to read something interesting?

How does taking this action feel? Is it exciting? Is it overwhelming?

Keep in mind there is still no right or wrong answer and no judgment.

Want to know what I really want? OK, I am out with it. A relationship.

Does it seem impossible to me, sort of.

But then I think: what do I need to do? What causes can I make?

For me it is in large part belief it is possible. So, I listen to guided meditations at night when I am going to sleep.

Since I am a closet ‘loner’ I am committing to more social outings where I will meet new people. This is super scary for me but I have been doing it.

Just making the causes towards what I want is rewarding.

Also, keep in mind it is important to stay out of the results.

What does this mean? Strategizing or ‘forcing solutions’ usually backfires.

I keep an open mind, continue taking action and most importantly focus on the end result.

Oh yes, one more thing.


It is exciting and I want to hear how it is going and how you are feeling.

Congrats again and see you in a week.

Let me know how you are doing in the comments below!

XO Amy Jordan

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