You Are Winning – Week 3 – Amy Jordan


Week Three of my Free 3-week course!


Week 3

Have some fun!

Yep, have some fun.

I am not keen on dating but recently I was on a date and the guy asked me, ‘So what do you do for fun?’

What a dumb question I thought. Then I realized I couldn’t answer him.

What DO I do for fun? I work a lot, I do physical therapy and go the gym. That’s weirdly fun to me.

But what other things do I like to do?

Has your life, like mine, become so consumed with surviving and getting through the day that we have lost our sense of childlike wonder?

Do you ever just look up at the sky and breath?

I made a vow to myself. I will start to explore things I like to do for fun.

Truth be told I did not even really know.

This is still a work in progress. However, I have seen some great movies, went to some social gatherings I otherwise would have blown off and started searching for events of interest.

This week ask yourself,:’ What one thing can I do for pure fun?” (Of course nothing self-destructive)

What types of things do I like?

Maybe try a drawing class? Horseback riding? Surfing? Whatever appeals to you.

When I start adding in some fun activities I actually feel better and more relaxed. Stepping away from the demand of daily life revives my energy.

How about you?

As always, let me know how this goes.

Have the best week EVER.


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XOXO Amy Jordan

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