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Create Your Victory Dance

If you’ve experienced trauma, hardship, or health challenges that have kept you from living a joyful life, that time is OVER!

I am an Award-Winning Author, Speaker, Coach & Choreographer.

I am here to help you create YOUR Victory Dance!

Let's do this!!! 

Create Your Victory Dance

If you’ve experienced trauma, hardship, or health challenges that have kept you from living a joyful life.

That time is OVER!

I am an Award-Winning Speaker & Coach.

I am here to help you create YOUR Victory Dance!

Let's do this!!! 

"Amy's Victory Dance" - The Movie

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Hi! I’m Amy Jordan!

I want you to know I get where you’re at. I’ve been there.  I have been living with type one diabetes for a long time, I am visually impaired, I overcame a serious eating disorder.  I’ve had a life and death traumatic accident (run over by a bus in 2009). 

It took me a long time to rebuild my body and my life.  In the process, I figured out a few things and I want to share them with YOU.  I KNOW you can totally create an amazing life no matter what.   You got this and I am excited to support you in your process.

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Award Winning - Dance Because You Can


HAVE YOU EVER HAD one of those moments when you think, “How could things get any worse?”

Maybe something happened and you instantly knew life would never be the same. From a divorce to a financial crisis to a health challenge to some unforeseen traumatic event, there is no shortage of things that could go wrong in this life.

26 Tips for Easier Living with Diabetes

Let’s be real. Daily life with type 1 diabetes is rough.  It takes constant attention.  The slightest thing can throw us off.

Have you found traveling or social situations with diabetes a challenging?  Are you tired of trying to manage awkward diabetes moments?  This simple book is a guide to hopefully make life with Type 1 diabetes easier.

This is in NO Way medical advice.  As stated in the book the author is NOT A Doctor or medical professional.

Over 38 Accolades and Official Selection Film Festival/Film Competition

Amy is featured in the documentary:

Amy's Victory Dance

An official selection of the Reel Abilities Film Festival.

Directed by Brian Thomas. Two Time Emmy Nominee/Award-Winning Director & Choreographer for Michael Jackson & other world-renowned entertainment icons.

Watch the trailer! →

Latest From Amy

I was crushed by a New York City bus and had to completely rebuild my life. Here are 5 lessons I carry with me from that experience.

It was a rainy day, and the ground was damp and dirty. I felt fuzzy, like I was in a dream. A few moments later I heard, “Ms. Jordan, do you know where you are?” “Who is the President of the United States?” “Do you know what day it is?” Why all the questions? I thought, still unable to move. I had lost all feeling on my right side. A […]

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Emmy-winning Tamron Hall about life, hope, and Creating Your Victory Dance.

Client Stories

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Amy is an inspired mover of the body and shaker of consciousness.
She reminds us that dancing through life with joy is available to anyBODY.

Caroline Kohles

Senior Director of Health & Wellness Programming
Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan

Amy Jordan came to speak to our National Sales Team. She addressed the team on being Relentless. She was able to have the crowd interact with her and brought everyone to their feet. It was a wonderful experience. I would recommend Amy speak to your organization any day of the week.

Sarah Elli, Manager, Brand

Communication, Dexcom, Inc
Marilyn Suey

“Amy Jordan spoke to our Savvy Women community . . . she shared her inspirational story about her recovery from a life-changing accident and her new mission in life, "Dance Because You Can". Our audience was deeply moved by her story and continues to be inspired by her journey.  She will grace us with her presence again soon! 

Marilyn Suey

Author, Speaker, and Wealth Manager

Join the troupe and get a sneak peek of my new book Dance Because You Can.

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