Enthusiasm, The Last but Never the Final Step in Your Victory Dance – Amy Jordan

Enthusiasm, The Last but Never the Final Step in Your Victory Dance

Like in life, the dance doesn’t ever really end, it is transformed into many different variations of the theme. The one constant in every victory dance is the need to never give up, to just keep moving. Through determination and action, enthusiasm is created, even when it wasn’t’ present initially.

Enthusiasm is something that may start like a small kindled fire, first smoldering with, and once stoked, a grand flame emerges. With positive reinforcement and successful experiences, accolades, support, and victories, the ability to believe in yourself grows and enthusiasm follows. 

As enthusiasm flourishes, you become encouraged to be bold and do more.

Acceptance, excitement, and enthusiasm are a choice. These do not come naturally to everyone, sometimes it takes a conscious choice. Exploring life and attempting new things can be scary and unsettling and within all that change and challenge, there is personal and sometimes professional growth. Not everything goes as planned, and that is the way life works. Trial and error, along with the decision to keep going, despite all odds often yield the best results. Enthusiasm, joy, and happiness are a choice and are they are found within your life’s journey.

With every step on the victory dance, leads to the completion, the curtain call of that dance. 

It is at these times where I find myself looking to choreograph something new in my life. Once one dance is complete, there is another ready to be created. 

No two dances are ever the same, just as no two journeys are the same. Steps, ideas, concepts, and results in dance and life are forever changing with time and experience.

I recommend having lofty goals, as with everything in life, there are sweet victory and reward in things that require tremendous effort. Life is peppered with challenges and I have had my share of them. Two things that have remained constant in overcoming all challenges have been my resolve and enthusiasm. Through each challenging devastation, I have resolved to keep the joy in my life and work to implement enthusiasm. Through every painful reinvention, I forced a smile and kept moving, one dance step followed by another.

My resolve and discipline these days are focused on tapping into my determination to feel excitement, joy, and enthusiasm every day. I am not a victim, but a creator, and I create the most out of each day.

 You too can choose to determine the outcome of your victory dance by asking yourself the following questions:

  • What does my Victory Dance look and feel like?
  • How will I know when I am living my best Victory Dance life?
  • Where am I in the process of creating my Victory Dance?
  • Do I need to rework certain steps so there is a better flow?
  • Am I excited about at least one aspect of my life?

“Small steps, taken often enough, will ultimately lead to a bigger win”- Amy Jordan

Wherever you are within your Victory Dance I congratulate you! Life is a process that takes courage and resolve- Dance Because You Can!

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