What’s your “space” box look like? – Amy Jordan

What’s your “space” box look like?

We made it to September. 

My business coach, the outstanding Susie Moore, remarked that September was like a second January.

With the end of summer, school starting, and fall around the corner it’s a good time to take stock and refocus.

A few questions I always ask myself:

What is the state of my direct environment? This means the house, car, office, and any other space where we spend a lot of time.

Is it clean? Is it orderly? Is there trash everywhere? When was the last time we vacuumed the carpet or folded the clothes? Is the bed made? Are the unnecessary papers shredded? Is the cat box changed?

You may ask: “Amy, what does this have to do with achieving my goals and being happy?”

I talk a lot about the concept that everything in our environment reflects our life state. A therapist once told me that plants gone without water is a sign of depression and lack of life force.  

If our immediate environment is a literal mess, dirty or disorganized then, strictly speaking, how do we expect to win?

Now I am not talking about a space that is well lived in and functional. I am talking about a space that is full of stuff we can’t let go of or in dire need of a good cleaning.  

Over the Labor Day weekend, I took some time to get rid of clothes I haven’t worn in ages. Unable to sell a table that no longer suited my needs I gave it to the thrift store and created some open space.

The point being, as we enter the final phase of the year how can we set up ourselves to cross the finish line in total victory?

Often it seems like we are at the mercy of external forces, but it starts in our immediate environment.

Is letting go of stuff a challenge? Maybe some coaching around this can help get you over the block.

Are we afraid to open the mail (I was for years)? Facing our situations head-on is the beginning of transforming the obstacles.

Do we tend to overcommit to everyone else out of fear of saying no or setting boundaries? 

Practice role-playing with a friend to get used to the conversation and then try it out in real life. Those people in our environment who truly want what’s best for us will be respectful. It’s good information on who’s really on our side.

What 1-3 tasks can we commit to fulfilling right now? Things were as simple as clearing off our desks, folding the laundry, and doing the dishes. 

I am always amazed at how much better I feel once my space is in order. It also helps productivity.

If we are holding onto the past and can’t transform our physical environment it’s gonna be tough to make space for anything new.

This is not a new fact but something I remind myself regularly. We can feel the feelings and keep it moving to trust that what’s around the corner maybe BETTER than anything we could have imagined for ourselves.

It starts with us. It starts with our immediate environment. Like a tree.  A beautiful oak doesn’t become 100 feet tall without a solid base.

As we roll into the ‘second new year’ moment let’s start right where we are.

Chronicle your journey from start to finish. The results and relief will be astonishing.

Oh yes, one more very important thing, enjoy the process. Self-care is self-respect. You deserve it!

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